Creating an international buzz, the music of TEFF, born Travis Johnson, has been surfacing on televisions and radio stations in the USA, UK, and Jamaica. TEFF is determined to give the world a musical breath of fresh air. With his Modern Reggae/Hip pop sound, TEFF has performed with some of the most creative and talented forces in both the Reggae & Hip Hop industry today. Artists such as KipRich, Marlon Asher, Richie Spice, Aidonia, Jr. Demus, Hollow Point and The King Of The Dancehall aka Beenie Man to name a few. His expansive talents and humble nature has caused him to earn the respects of well‐known Reggae Artists such as Sizzla, Busy Signal, and The King of The Dancehall aka Beenie Man who has taken to the liking of his tunes.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, TEFF was partially raised in Jamaica to his musically gifted parents Doreen and Noel Johnson. TEFF’s unique versatility has been compared to that of Hip pop icon “Kanye West” with a Reggae and African flair. Full of vivacious rhythms and conscious lyrics, promoters and show coordinators could not help but open the doors for “TEFF” to perform his single “Top Top” and “Hop Up” from his upcoming album “Youngest Veteran”. Wooing the crowd with his latest performance at the KipRich Show in spring of 2009, TEFF is not only known for his fierce flow but also for his entertainment skills and dynamic stage presence.

At the age of 11, TEFF turned to music as an outlet to ease the pain of his parent’s divorce. Music became a solemn interest forcing his peers to acknowledge his outstanding talent. TEFF creates each piece pulling from his greatest influences such as his mother, Bob Marley, the world experiences, and political entrapments. “I make music that inspires people to enjoy life, not to stress about what they do not have in life or to go out and take someone else’s…Music is life. It’s the voice of the world, so I compose music for both the young and mature…to listen, learn and enjoy for years to come.”

Find out more about TEFF on his website.

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Special Announcement!

The Phoenix PR is proud to announce that our own TEFF, “regg-hop” sensation, has been selected to perform at the pre-Emmy’s party! Stay tuned for more info here!

TEFF on Philadelphia Hip Hop’s Blog

TEFF was recently covered on philadelphiahiphop.net:

In 2010, the avid music fan can only sit back and wonder at the twists and turns that the music industry has taken, the various articles becoming popular, and the countless genres being manipulated. For many, it’s easy to absorb the sounds of a current song and wonder, “What happened to this genre? Is the artist really out to create something new, exciting, and genuine, or, instead, simply produce the biggest hit possible?

Read more about what TEFF has to offer and listen to one of the songs from his Philadelphia Certified mixtape, Club Hoppin’, here.

JUNE 2010: TEFF and E Ness Freestyle Video

Click here to see TEFF and E Ness throwing it down over Nicky Minaj and Gyptian Riddim tracks in the studio!

April 2010: TEFF Article on REGGAEinc.com


TEFF was recently mentioned in REGGAEinc.com:

TEFF is the most talented upcoming dancehall/hip-hop extraordinaire to hit the music scene in some time! Take Philly swagger, combine that with Jamaican descent and what do you get? A very unique artist, the one and only T-E-double F! If TEFF is not in the studio recording, you can probably catch him on stage in Jamaica, moving the crowd with one of his electrifying performances.

Find the whole article here.

FEBRUARY 10, 2010: TEFF in XI Magazine

XI Magazine did a wonderful article on the Phoenix PR’s own TEFF on their site on February 1, 2010:

If you are a lover of reggae music, you are familiar with its stylistic crossover appeal into R&B/soul, jazz and blues. If you are a lover of reggae music, you know how Bob Marley essentially put reggae on the map proving to be the ultimate crossover reggae artist. Some of today’s hottest reggae stars, Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Sean Kingston, and Elephant Man are following in Marley’s footsteps while paving their own paths as crossover sensations in their own right. But, who’s got next? Who is the next biggest name in reggae music with star quality and mass crossover appeal? My answer….TEFF.

Read more of XI Magazine’ article here.

JANUARY 13, 2010: TEFF in Nu-Soul Magazine



Norman Mayers of Nu-Soul magazine talked with TEFF in January about TEFF’s influences, his unique sound, and, finally, what can be expected from TEFF’s upcoming album “The Young Veteran.”

Philadelphia-born artist TEFF is much more than a reggae artist as he proved when he graced the stage of Nu-Soul Magazine’s monthly event Strictly Social. He is an artist able to jump from reggae to hip-hop to R&B with relative ease, performing both his original songs and off-the-cuff freestyles. So impressed were we with this emerging artist that we had to share him with you. Introducing TEFF…

Read the rest of Nu-Soul Magazine’s interview with TEFF here.


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