Blackfox is a hip-hop MC with no equal to be found in style, rhythm, and flow currently based out of Baghdad. He was given his moniker, Blackfox, while living in Trinidad due to his “sly demeanor” and the way that he could talk himself out of any situation. With his intelligent, conscious lyrics and explosive performance style, Blackfox is the next big artist coming onto the Philly music scene.

July 11, 2010: Blackfox Release on Hip Hop Press

Philly’s own Blackfox: A Veteran of Hip-Hop on

Blaine Williams, also known as Blackfox, is an up-and-coming hip hop sensation ready to take the game by storm in the next year with his current and upcoming projects. Born and raised in Trinidad, and, after the age of fourteen, the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Blackfox relentlessly spits his Caribbean-infused, deeply conscious “regg-hop” rhymes one with the knowledge of deep cultural experience. And he’s ready to share it with the world.

Find the rest of the release here.

JUNE 28, 2010: Blackfox Article on XI Magazine

XI Magazine Online did an interview feature with Blackfox, a Philadelphia rapper from Trinidad.

As XI forges ahead as an international movement, we have already set out to bring you the newest faces this side of the Atlantic.  Now, we are branching out and featuring an artist who is putting an entire nation on his back.  He goes by the moniker Blackfox and representing the nation of Trinidad and Tobago is not an easy task, but he is up for the challenge.  Already receiving notoriety in Trinidad and radio airplay, Blackfox is well on his way of becoming an international star…

Read the entire interview with Blackfox here.


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