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Music Producer and Entrepreneur Gives Back to His Community

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Music Producer

Philadelphia native Emmanuel “TuchPoint” Aden is definitely what one would call a renaissance man, not only does he serve as a music producer to musical artists across the globe — like reggae artist TEFF, rap acts like Gillie Da Kidd, Young Chris, and  Jack Frost to name a few — but he is deeply committed to giving back to his community.

The music producer and real estate/construction company business owner has been involved in several community initiatives this year. TuchPoint not only served as an inspirational guest speaker on DJ Damage’s All Hamm Back to School Tour, but he regularly serves as a mentor to several Philadelphia students.

TuchPoint says he not only wants to “motivate them to continue on with their education, [but show them that] “once you have reached the minimum level of success you’re responsible to give back.”

The business mogul is definitely living up to his own words of advice. When he is not producing records for billboard topping artists or running his real estate and construction business he volunteer as a drill team instructor in his neighborhood.

Some may wonder how he finds time to give back while running his own business, but for TuchPoint the secret is incorporating his nine to five with his work in the community. He has used his role as a mentor to give Philadelphia students hands on experience in music video production.  His mentees have gotten the opportunity to produce music videos for musical acts like Bad Boy artist E-nice, TEFF and Jack Frost.

TuchPoint says he enjoys giving students these hands on experiences to show them that “it’s cool to chase your dreams.” Still, he admits that he has been blessed to follow his musical passions because of his strong educational foundation.

“Music is a luxury,” TuPoint says of  his opportunity to not only produce music, but also own TuchPoint Music Productions. TuPoint says, “Because of construction I’ve been afforded the structure to do it[produce music].”

Still, he stresses that he wants to show students that the glitz and glamour of the music industry does not come without hard work and perseverance. TuchPoint says he encourages to students to stay in school and be responsible, telling them that “when it’s your dream no one can take it [away].” He is also committed to producing music with a positive message. 

Not only is he dedicated to helping students reach their dreams, but he is also trying to help those individuals who have gone down the wrong path get their life back.

TuchPoint makes it a point to hire people who have recently been released from prison for his construction and real estate business.

TuchPoint says they appreciate the second chance, and he is happy to do whatever he can to help them get their life back on track.  

The entrepreneur is also trying to expand employment opportunities for returning military veterans. TuchPoint is partnering with the organization Impact to develop a program that will help veterans gain work skills in the construction industry. Not only is he working to develop the employment skills program, but he also plans on hiring a few of the program’s graduates.

In addition to his year round work in the community, he makes it a point to give back during the holiday season.  This Thanksgiving he served as a sponsor to help provide a half a dozen Philadelphia families with baskets filled with turkey and the dressings. He is also currently helping with the city-wide holiday coat drive. 

In 2012, the renaissance man plans to continue to cement his place as a leader in his community and the music industry.  TuchPoint not only plans on working with artists in the UK and Asia, but he would also like to take a few college students with him to share the experience. He is also looking into starting a transportation initiative with artist TEFF  to make it easier for students in the country side of Jamaica to get to school.

One day TuPoint says he may start a nonprofit centered on helping youths gain the skills needed to be entrepreneurs in their community. TuPoint says his experiences working as a music producer and business owner has provided him with the “cross learning” needed to participate in the many community initiatives he is involved in. 


TEFF Article on

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TEFF was recently mentioned in

TEFF is the most talented upcoming dancehall/hip-hop extraordinaire to hit the music scene in some time! Take Philly swagger, combine that with Jamaican descent and what do you get? A very unique artist, the one and only T-E-double F! If TEFF is not in the studio recording, you can probably catch him on stage in Jamaica, moving the crowd with one of his electrifying performances.

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TEFF and E Ness Freestyle Video

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Click here to see TEFF and E Ness throwing it down over Nicky Minaj and Gyptian Riddim tracks in the studio!

TEFF in Nu-Soul Magazine

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Norman Mayers of Nu-Soul magazine talked with TEFF in January about TEFF’s influences, his unique sound, and, finally, what can be expected from TEFF’s upcoming album “The Young Veteran.”

Philadelphia-born artist TEFF is much more than a reggae artist as he proved when he graced the stage of Nu-Soul Magazine’s monthly event Strictly Social. He is an artist able to jump from reggae to hip-hop to R&B with relative ease, performing both his original songs and off-the-cuff freestyles. So impressed were we with this emerging artist that we had to share him with you. Introducing TEFF…

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TEFF in XI Magazine

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XI Magazine did a wonderful article on the Phoenix PR’s own TEFF on their site on February 1, 2010:

If you are a lover of reggae music, you are familiar with its stylistic crossover appeal into R&B/soul, jazz and blues. If you are a lover of reggae music, you know how Bob Marley essentially put reggae on the map proving to be the ultimate crossover reggae artist. Some of today’s hottest reggae stars, Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Sean Kingston, and Elephant Man are following in Marley’s footsteps while paving their own paths as crossover sensations in their own right. But, who’s got next? Who is the next biggest name in reggae music with star quality and mass crossover appeal? My answer….TEFF.

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