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Artists Use Musical Talents To Fight Water Scarcity Crisis in Third World

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While hip hop is often blamed for contributing to many societal ills like violence and sexism, Philadelphia hip hop duo Drematic and Y?Arcka are using their musical talents to address community issues.  The duo are using their recently released album Water to raise funds to build a 100 fresh water wells in developing nations where millions lack access to clean drinking water.  

Not only are they committing 100 percent of the album’s proceeds to the cause, but they have also established the nonprofit Water is Humanity to help raise funds.

The native Jamaican Drematic said, “I’ve always taken the art form seriously, but the realization that I could actually play an active role in making things better made me reassess my art. That’s when things got real.”

For both artists, “This project has purpose. We’re not in it to big ourselves up. We’re in it to change the world,”  said New Jersey raised producer Y?Arcka. 

Taking hip hop back to  the earlier days, when artists focused on social justice,  the duo created Water to not only showcase their lyrical and musical talents but also expand community members’ knowledge on the issue.

According to about one in eight individuals worldwide lack access to safe drinking water, resulting in the death of 1.4 million children each year due to preventable illnesses like diarrhea.

Additionally, women in the developing world spend more than 200 million hours of their day just collecting water. To make matters worse 272 million school attendance days are lost each year, as children are forced to stay home from school to help collect clean water miles away from  their home.

“It’s unthinkable that people are dying because they lack access to a simple thing like drinking water,” Y?Arcka said. Drematic adds, “Water is a human right for all people.”

To show the world that water is indeed humanity, the duo is not only currently selling their album at, but they’re also planning several upcoming fundraisers in the Philadelphia area.


What Would You Bid to Capture the Prince?

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On February 12, 2011, The Kennedy Art Initiative (KAI), The Phoenix PR, and Vivant Art Gallery will be hosting a Bachelor’s Auction to celebrate a month filled with love. The Glass Slipper: 2011 Bachelor’s Auction will be taking place from 7pm until 10 pm at the pristine Vivant Art Gallery on 60 North 2nd Street in the Olde City section of Philadelphia.

These will not be your ordinary bachelors. Guests will have the opportunity to mix and mingle with local celebrities, elite singles and bachelors from all backgrounds and professions. There will be someone for every pallate. These bachelor’s are all up for grabs and are doing so in the name of a good cause–giving children in third world countries the opportunity to experience the creative joy that art can bring. What’s sexier than that?

The Glass Slipper: 2011 Bachelor’s Aucition event will be complete with hors d’oeuvres and other delicacies for guests to enjoy. The press is calling it “The perfect opportunity for Philadelphia’s singles to come together, this Valentine’s Day weekend!” With tickets being at first come first serve basis… guests will certainly want to reserve the date to reserve their Valentine’s day date!

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