Introducing Director/Writer Chinonye Chukwu

 Chinoye Chukwu is a Nigeria-born (Igbo to be exact) and Alaska-raised director, screenwriter and producer. She graduated from DePauw University in 2007, has a MFA in Film and Video from Temple University, has won both “Best Screenplay Award” and “Best Motion Picture Award” at the 2009 Diamond Screen Festival and has received the prestigious Princess Grace Award for her work. This is just a short summary of all of the wonderful things she has achieved. With her accomplishments, it is obvious that Ms. Chukwu is very passionate about what she does. Her latest upcoming project is titled AlaskaLand, which follows an Alaska-raised Nigerian named Chukwuma who is struggling to balance his Nigerian background and all the expectations that come with it, and the world around him. Chukwuma’s parents are killed in a tragic car accident which results in his younger sister being sent back to Nigeria to live with their uncle until she is 18. After a long two years, the two reunite, but the reunion is far from smooth. They find that their separation has caused many new cultural and personal issues. However it is these issues that eventually bring them closer together and closer to their roots. Together they find what it means to be Nigerian and to live in Alaska. Chukwu states on the AlaskaLand website “I grew up having to balance my traditional Nigerian upbringing, with my American, and more specifically, Arctic surroundings, and it is this dichotomy that serves as the impetus for AlaskaLand. I wanted to tell a story that was true to the insecurities and complexities I’ve had to navigate my entire life, while constructing a layered homage to the cultures and environment that have informed who I am.” This is not the only movie that Chukwu has made based on the things and issues that surround her. “The Dance Lesson” is the story of a girl who struggles to be a ballerina and be a part of the gentrified neighborhood of North Philadelphia, which is the neighborhood in which Temple University is located. “Igbo Kwenu” is about an 18 yr old girl who has to deal with the struggles of being a second generation teenager in America battling between her family dreams and her own.

 Chinoye Chukwu is an amazing and innovative director who cherishes her Nigerian heritage and wants to display it to the world. The date for when AlaskaLand will be released is still to be announced , however you can follow the production of the film at and



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