Know Thy Self: Self Branding

There is a distinct difference between branding oneself and branding a product or service. Commonly, people mistake the two believing that they are one in the same. While both involves conveying a positive and consistent image to an audience, self-branding is much more personal and constantly evolving.  

As Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success author Dan Schawbel wrote, creating a brand for one’s self is simply about creating an equivalent image of how you perceive yourself and how others see you. So how do you get others to see you in a positive light? Simply put, you have to let them get to know who you really are. Craft a succinct 30 second bio you can recite every time you introduce yourself to someone new. While you want to make sure it includes your key accomplishments, remember to sound genuine and unrehearsed, as doing otherwise could make you appear arrogant. Just as first impressions are lasting, so is the first impression one has of your brand.

Beyond your 30 second elevator speech, it’s imperative that you have a personal website. Your website should include a regularly updated bio highlighting your professional accomplishes and personal triumphs. Be sure to include background information on how you got to where you are today. To further help distinguish “brand you” from everyone else in the world, make sure your brand is conveyed in a consistent way. The design for your website should match your business cards and any other online profiles you may have.

To expose your brand, regularly seek out opportunities to showcase “brand you” to key audiences. Every event or encounter with someone is a self branding opportunity. If you’re looking to expose your brand to a particular set of people, you would want to attend the sort of events these people would.

Perhaps you’re thinking you don’t have a clue on how to market yourself or you’re just in need of additional help; if so, seek out the assistance of marketing and public relations professionals. Firms, like The Phoenix PR, 3BG Marketing Solutions, or Signature Red, not only provide one-time consultations to help you identify what your brand is and how to appropriately convey that image to influential people, but they can directly connect you with these influential individuals. With a press release, firms like The Phoenix PR, can leverage their network to get your brand out to key people.

Following the above tips can help you create a recognizable personal brand that people trust. A strong personal brand can mark an individual as the go-to person in their industry, establishing their dominance as a relevant individual in that domain. As a result, the individual not only gains notoriety in their area of expertise, but they’re also viewed as a credible source.

The key to maintaining a strong and credible personal brand is remembering that just as you are constantly evolving, so is your brand. Although, you want to be consistent with the overall brand image you’re conveying, be sure to draw from new personal and professional experiences to perfect your brand.

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