Getting More Bang for Your Social Media Buck: The Benefits of Cross Promotion

In today’s fast paced world effectively managing your social media accounts can be a challenge. Neglecting any of these accounts can turn visitors off not only from visiting these sites, but also the brand you may be trying to build or maintain. Thanks to technology, however, they’re numerous tools to help you maximize your social media efforts.

Tools like HootSuite and TweetDeck almost make it inexcusable for any one not to keep their social media accounts up to date.

Cross promotion, especially in the realm of social media, is pivotal to maximizing your brand’s reach, while simultaneously leveraging your partners’ networks. Getting another organization to give you an online shout-out can do wonders for your brand image. If people see these organizations as credible institutions, then they will begin equating this with your brand as well. In a world where relationships mean everything, cross promotion is a great way to show off these connections to a variety of people. This increased exposure can mean more opportunities for establishing new relationships.   
When used effectively, cross promotion can be the gift that keeps on giving. The benefits of cross promotion are powerful on the Web because you are not only sharing your message to your current audience, but with people having multiple social media accounts they have multiple opportunities to re-tweet and re-post  brands they believe in.

With this being said, it is vital that the content on your social media sites are not only up to date, but also engaging. If you’ve seen any of the latest viral videos, you’ll notice that they are memorial because they are out of the box ideas. So, when you are creating content for your social media sites remember to keep it entertaining, but also on point with your brand message. Burger King’s subservient chicken campaign is a great example of this.

Another tip publicity expert Joan Stewart  suggests to further your social media cross promotional efforts, is linking to each site from your website. One study found that 56 percent of Fortune 50 companies did not link to social media sites on their homepage.  Doing so is to the company’s peril, as they lose an interested individual’s attention in learning more about the brand, and possibly becoming a brand ambassador for the company.  Another easily lost cross promotional opportunity is not including links to all your social media sites on the individual platforms.  To build brand ambassadors a company needs to connect with their customers on various levels, so not showcasing all your social media sites is detrimental to achieving this. Another often forgotten tool in promoting your social media sites is email. If you haven’t already, be sure to include links to all your social media sites in your email signature. Want to do even better?  Include links to your social media sites on your business card.

Ultimately cross promotion on social media sites is beneficial because it gives your brand multiple opportunities to stick out among the millions of messages circulating on and off line.

This article was originally posted on, where Chidelu “Chi-Chi” Enigwe  writes about trends in public relations and marketing.


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