The Only Queen Diva: Christina Sanchez

Christina Sanchez is the epitome of the new Latina woman. With undeniable beauty and intellect to match, Sanchez has been forcing main stream media to recognize the raw and memorizing talent of urban Latin music artist’s. As the founder and CEO of, which launched in 2010, her show called Ladies Lounge averages about sixteen thousand viewers making it one of the most viewed and highly anticipated online radio shows. Growing up in the “Bad Lands” section of Philadelphia, Sanchez began her road to radio at La Mega 1310am where she became a radio jock. Continuing her education in communications at Philadelphia Community College, Sanchez spent two years at La Mega interviewing artists and hosting. Here she became known as “Sexy Tina” labeling her as Philadelphia’s sexiest radio personality. After blessing La Mega with sex appeal, charisma, and determination, Sanchez eventually moved on and accepted a position at Clear Channel radio where she reported morning traffic and weather. After mastering radio engineering and broadcasting, Sanchez pursued television landing a hosting position at the VIP Section, which was a local television show broadcasted in Allentown, PA. Her popularity increased as her face graced television networks such as Telemundo and Univision as she became Direct TV’s en Espanol spokes model.

Currently, Sanchez has partnered up with Stephanie Vies creating Conexion Urbana, a website dedicated to exposing and focusing on Latino music, gossip and news. With Years of experience in radio and television, Sanchez remains dedicated to her passion and continues to host her own radio show and webcast, which airs on Friday nights at 8pm and Monday nights at 7pm on With an interview scheduled with Joe Buddens, her successful radio show has brought in some the industries up and coming figures such as Tyga from Young Money, Angela Simmons, Peedi Crack, E. Ness, Tone Trump, Kendra G., and Raheem Brock. Sanchez has caught the attention of artist’s, athletes, radio personalities and reality TV stars that have all made significant impacts in the entertainment business.

Although she’s faced with being a Latina woman in a male dominated industry, Sanchez strives to introduce the world to Latino media. As a Philadelphia native, she also encourages change for the Latino music industry and community, which have both made her who is she today. In an industry that is predominantly non-Hispanic and male, Sanchez has emerged as a respected woman yearning to make Latina’s the new professionals and go-getters of the music business.


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